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whether gays and lesbians can, once and for all, get legally married. >> this is a decision that's going to affect america. >> the supreme court will actually decide on two issues, doma, the federal law that prohibits recognition of same- sex marriages, and colorado's prop 8. the berkeley couple at the heart of the case is ecstatic. >> he texted me, omg, five exclamation points, granted. so then she called me. and we just started crying. >> they've got to solve this at a national level, because there's just too much administrative confusion right now. who gets health benefits, who can visit who in the hospital, all of these, you know, which marriage counts? >> a lot of focus is on anthony kennedy, the supreme court justice born and raised in sacramento. cbs 5 reporter linda yee on how this coming court case is
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tailor made for him. >> reporter: the final say in the cultural war on same-sex marriage is coming. and the justices decision to hear the case is historic. >> this is equivalent to the supreme court taking on one of the most divisive issues. first, the justices could say that denying marriage to any couple is unconstitutional, just like the former band on interracial marriage. that decision could overturn any state's same-sex marriage ban. the second choice is sa technicality. they can rule that supporters of prop 8 are not legally entitled to defend that law. >> the ninth circuit tried to
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narrow its ruling by equating it to a romer versus evans. >> reporter: in that case, they stripped gays and lesbians the right to equal protection. the supreme court ruled it unconstitutional. justice kennedy wrote that singling out gays and lesbians was a violation. the ninth circuit court chose that same logic. the supreme court will hear arguments in march. the decision on whether same- sex marriage will remain banned or become legal is expected in june. linda yee, cbs 5. almost everyone was expecting a lousy jobs report today. boy, were they wrong. the economy added 146,000 jobs last month. not great but it's a lot better than a lot of people expected. the unemployment rate dropped two-tenths of a point to a four-
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year low, though it's mostly because of the people who stopped looking for work altogether. a couple of crooks out to make a quick buck got a rude awakening. they ransacked a community theater in pacifica. then christin ayers says they fell asleep on the job. >> reporter: a pacifica children's theater where kids as young as seven have been hard at work rehearsing for their holiday show, the last place you'd think thieves would target in the hallway was totally messed up. the offices, things were thrown off the desk. >> reporter: but that's how natalia found the school of performing arts ransacked and robbed, a door handle broken, and everything from costumes to set pieces pillaged. what employees never expected to find was the thief himself, hiding out in the theater. >> falling asleep at the scene of the crime isn't really the smartest thing to do.
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>> reporter: yet that is exactly how luna lis covered one of the thieves. >> where those lids are, that's where i saw the person's head. >> reporter: it appeared he had taken a nap after his rampage. a second thief was found asleep in a car just outside the theater, surrounded by the stolen items. the thieves left empty bottles of alcohol inside the theater. >> not the smartest thieves. >> reporter: worse, they stole an expensive keyboard that the kids needed. police still have not found it. but this is show business, and the show will go on. >> stuff happens. you just gotta keep going on with it. the unimaginable, for a five-year-old girl in east oakland. finding her mom dead in the kitchen. a source says there was a 911 call from a home on longfellow avenue just before 8 tonight. officers found a woman in her 30's dead from a gunshot wound. they quickly arrested her
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daughter's father, just a few blocks away. the five-year-old and a 15-year- old boy, who was also home at the time, are safe at the police station. and a mom and her young son were killed when their car crashed head-on into a big rig on highway 4 near byron. the chp says the truck driver had slowed for stopped traffic when the car coming in the opposite direction lost control and slammed into it. the truck driver wasn't hurt. the highway was closed most of the night but is now back open. a warning to women in the richmond area tonight. there is a kidnapper and a rapist on the loose. take a good look. investigators say these two sketches are of the same suspect from two crimes. one in june, one just last month. both attacks happened in richmond's gavin corridor area. >> i was really shocked to find that out, because i'm a parent and a single mom as well, and i had no idea that we were having that issue in richmond. >> and investigators say they believe the same man tried to
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attack a third woman as well. a bay area youth group out to do some good wound up getting robbed in florida. but tonight, a dolphin has come to their rescue. two dozen people from oakland's church had just landed in fort lauderdale. they stopped to grab a bite to eat on the way of the bank. that's when thieves broke into their van and stole $12,000 in cash, plus their luggage and id's. >> it's not the cash. it's that the money you stole -- you stole dreams. >> but they are no longer stranded without money, because today, the owner of the miami dolphins surprised them with a gift. 15,000. tomorrow, a very big day for one eighth grader and her principal. the principal has only a few months to live. sharon chin shows us how that student is trying to help, one
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step at a time. >> reporter: chris's wife and son helped him battle a rare liver disease. but the principal of san carlos learning center is now feeling the love of his community, thanks to this eighth grader. >> if there was any way i could help, that would be a really good idea. >> reporter: 13-year-old emma, who has never organized a big event ever, is spearheading a walk-a-thon for her beloved principal. >> it's kind of inspiring. >> reporter: mahoney says he's joined 750 patients on california's liver transplant list. the average weight is two years. he's waited eight years and doctors say he could die in six months without a transplant. >> so in some respects it's feeling a little more desperate. >> reporter: emma and school volunteers hope to raise $60,000 for mahoney. he's trying to get on a shorter
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transplant list that his insurance doesn't cover. the fund-raiser takes place tomorrow in san carlos. >> i learned a lot how one person can make a difference. >> everyone is pulling for me, and it's -- it means so much more to me than any amount of money that they could come up with. >> reporter: sharon chin, cbs 5. and a special look back at the incomparable dana king. where she's been, what she covered, why she let her hair go gray. ,,,,
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for more than 11 years. th's well, it's kind of hard to believe. they teamed you and me up 11 years ago. >> i know. >> boy, what a mistake that was. that's why it is not easy to see you go! we've been joking around all day. dana is the leaving to pursue her other love, her artwork, full-time now. but first we want to take just a minute to celebrate you and all that you have done for cbs 5. so for all of us, and all of you at home who watch every night, a little look back. >> well, can you imagine the bay area without the 49ers?
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>> that newscast never got on the air. >> now, channel 5 -- >> it was dana king's audition for a job at channel 5. even the prompter operator remembers saying, i think we just find our anchor. >> coming up next, a frightening scene -- >> but some of dana's best work would come when she unplugged from the anchor desk and stepped into the field. and often into the world's most dangerous situations. >> we're going to try to go into this building to see what's left. >> after the vicious an slaught of hurricane mitch, dana was determined to tell the stories of those who couldn't tell their own. she traveled to honduras to report on tragedy. that trademark fortitude took her to turkey, taiwan, and
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kosovo, to stand with the survivors of either -- of earthquakes and tell the stories. and dana was on the second private plane to leave the west coast for new york, the first bay area broadcast journalist at ground zero. and she wanted nothing less than a front-row seat when the u.s. struck back at terrorism. reporting in the persian gulf. she shied away from nothing, not even genocide. >> there are 120,000 inmates in rawanda's prisons. >> what would you like people to know back in the bay area? >> the reports covered the upcoming presidential election,
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security, and the country's faltering steps toward stability. a trip to iraq was next. dana wanted the bay area to meet the kerdz, once saddam hussein's victims, now thriving in an independent region. the distant past. back in the u.s., it was the look at the future, the inauguration of the nation's first black president. but no matter where she was, dana was always on her own path. >> that hair! >> she's notorious for updating her do. >> dana cannot keep a hairstyle for more than three weeks. it's enough to drive our promo people crazy! >> then it wasn't just about style but about color.
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going gray. >> for me, it was about deciding to match my looks with my experience and time on the planet. >> but gray hair on the head doesn't stop mischief in the heart. >> one time during a commercial break, dana king taught me how to put my fist in my mouth. >> on the set, in the field, or in the newsroom, there's no one like dana. >> she comes in and likes to tap her little foot. she has things to say. afghanistan, iraq, jordan. some of the most tense times in those countries were not with the guerrillas, not with the rebel forces, but with dana. >> she will sleep on the floor if it's needed. she will stand in the freezing cold if that's what it takes. she'll hike into a village where there are no roads. and in the middle of the night, she'll help you get a gecko out of your room. >> when you suggested i shoot those things, and that was
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contrary to what you wanted, literally, there were daggers shooting out of your eyes. later you said i was really smart, i was really talented. and that i drove you crazy and it reminded you of your brother. >> dana, 15 years, thousands of shows, i've been the voice inside your head. time to fade to black one more time. congratulations. >> there will never be another dana king. we're so proud! and we're not alone. >> congratulations, mom! very proud of you. thank you for getting me to where i'm at today. >> hi, mom. i just want to say congratulations and i'm very proud of you and i love you! >> we'll miss you, dana! meet >> so, you know, for 15 years, dana has been bringing you all the news every night. well, not weekends. you wouldn't work weekends and you wouldn't do windows. but there's more to her than meets the eye. she's also a very talented artist. and that's what kind of the
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next phase of your life will be. these are from dana's website. did they charge you for that plug? >> no! i wish i would have known you were going to do that. i went back to school and took a week intensive with a master named phillip. and that was it. i started sculpting. i wasn't that good at painting. and i haven't stopped. i just -- i love it! i love being able to create in 3-d the work as opposed to trying to create -- >> a lot of people saw your work recently. you did the heart, the heart in san francisco theme. >> yeah. and chevron bought it and it's out at the chevron campus. >> you can tell that you love art and you have a passion for it, which is amazing that you
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have two passions that you're so good at simultaneously. >> i love the art but i have loved every minute of my time here, and all the people that i've worked with, and i wish you could meet the people behind the scenes, because they put this broadcast on the air every day. we come and sit here. this is the easy part, and this has been my second home. and i'm just so grateful. i am -- i'm grateful for the time and the friendships that i've made here. and i'm gonna miss everyone so much. >> the most feedback i got was the relationship on the set. people said you guys seem so real. but it was real. we didn't just work here together. all the dinners we spent, and sometimes we stayed there too long. that was ken's fault. >> we had to run back to the station! >> it was a real relationship.
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so what the audience saw over the last 13, 12 years was certainly real. >> our kids have grown up. we've had marriages here. and divorces. and you know, babies being born and we cried together. we laughed together. >> the other thing i wanted to tell is one time i lost a bet with dana king. it was over a raider football king. because i lost, she dragged me into the makeup room -- >> no no. this is a bet. i said we're gonna bet on your hair. he had this big hair like elvis, and i said, i'm gonna give you a modern hair cut. tb the raiders win. you bet against them. and he still has the same hairstyle that i cut. i started cutting it, and he was looking in the mirror. he couldn't see me. and i'm like, oh, my gosh, what am i going to do? i just kept cutting and cutting and cutting. woo! >> we have to cut away for a break but we'll be back to talk
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more about this. i said this to you before. your going gray has convinced me someday to go gray as well. >> you caused me to go gray! that's the truth. shin,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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well, i have the honor to toss it to paul deanno for the last time. >> oh, for the 15 weeks we've worked together. >> you know what, i adore you, and i wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. and you've always made the new guy feel welcome, which is big. very appreciated. let's talk about some weather now. get you outside. it's friday night. chilly. check out santa rosa. 39 degrees. san francisco, 53. here's where we're going tonight. upper 30's. santa rosa, napa. livermore down to 38. perfect night for ice skating. folks enjoying a beautiful night in san jose on the ice. the nice doesn't need any help to stay frozen because we dropped down to 8 degrees above freezen tonight.
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good news. as we head through the weekend, it's going to be excellent outside. we're at 87% of normal, the snow pack, compared to last year's 36%. here's good news for your sunshine over the weekend. if you want to go shopping, go outside and rake all those leaves, high pressure is going to block all of the storms, take them up up into the pacific northwest, and we will stay high and dry for next four days, all the way through tuesday. chilly night, it is december, so yes, it will be chilly nights, but afternoons will be mild. your forecast days very similar to today. a lot of sunshine, highs in the 60's. next week, by wednesday, we'll begin to turn colder and a little wetter, but that's still five days away. san jose, 63, a couple degrees above normal. san mateo, you'll top out at 61. los gatos as well. low 60's for walnut creek, pleasant hill and the north bay looking gorgeous on a saturday
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as well. extended forecast, even warmer on sunday, monday and tuesday, before temperatures come crashing down to the upper 50's by wednesday. dana king! >> can we get some warm weather just for my leaving? >> mid 60's in december ain't bad. >> i'll work on it. >> we've got some basketball to talk on. >> don't try, dennis. >> he's real! >> can we just go to commercial break? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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15 years she's been here, te warriors made the playoffs so let's put dana king's career this proper perspective. in the 15 years she's been here, the warriors have made the play-offs exactly one time [ laughing ] returning home to face the nets. joe johnson nails the three ball. 37-24. warriors come back, late second quarter. clay thompson has been red hot. only 13 tonight. but golden state takes the lead on that basket. stephen curry fantastic again. he drops a three here. but the game was tied. another monster night. 30 points, 15 rebounds.
11:29 pm
warriors lead by two. aside from the 28 points curry had, he finds him with this pass. warriors win 109-102. the new york jets quarterback controversy has made its way to capitol hill. >> coach ryan, he's got a problem. he has three quarterbacks. he can't decide who their quarterback is going to be. it's about the same problem republicans are having. >> at the quarterback cliff. no. 3, how far can you hit the world's longest golf club? this guy whacked it 146 yards. no. 2, javale mcgee, he takes out his own teammate. no. 1, dana king, last chance. we're gonna have a play at the
11:30 pm
play! he is -- >> she's got it! >> and she's gonna go out a winner! and she goes out a winner! >> oh! oh! >> congratulations! this will be the fastest champagne i ever drank. how much time is left in this newscast? >> no, no! >> oh! >> i didn't mean for that to happen. we'll be right back. >> want some? ,,,,,, you won't take my life.
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you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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p train. [train whistle blows]
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wishing you happy holidays. other members of your cbs 5 family wanted to say good-b. the newsroom won't be the se all right. dana, a few other members of your cbs 5 family wanted to say good-bye. the newsroom will not be the same without you. take a look. >> you are the wise professor and the big sister i never had. >> she's the one person that can answer all of my questions. i'm gonna miss you! >> i know you'll bring the same professional and passion that you brought to the newsroom to your art. >> we'd like to congratulate you on an outstanding career in journalism. >> watching you work, you're just as smooth as they come! >> you and me, we laughed, we tried, we hugged, we kissed, we made up. >> dana, you've been an inspiration to me and you've also been an inspiration to my hair as well. >> i love you! >> all i don't have you at
11:34 pm
home, guess what? she's even prettier in person. mua! >> oh, you guys are killing me. but the time has come. i'm leaving the business to build my next life as an artist, and in order to do it right, i've made this commitment to myself. and i've had an amazing career. i dreamt of this day, but now that it's here, my heart is just bursting. thank you! >> we love you! ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra.

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